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The origin of evaporated cane juice runs almost parallel to the history of sugar since it took place only in recent times that the refinement technology has been developed. This refinement technology has brought about the invention of methods of processing sugarcane to create white and refined sugar. According to www.agcommoditiesinc.com, what is known to be ECJ was the sweetener that was the choice of the people of all the different cultures that exercised the use of sugarcane. The act of domestication of sugarcane actually originated in ancient New Guinea about 10,000 years ago. This plant initially used to be widely grown in India. The Moors, who had learnt from the Indians the secrets of processing sugarcane into sugar, happened to conquer Spain in the 8th century and it is the Moors who began the expansion of the process of transforming sugarcane into sugar in Europe. The type of sugar produced varies not only in color but also in size, form and molasses content, states www.agcommoditiesinc.com. Christopher Columbus is the person who has the credit of introducing sugar into the European countries that quickly commenced sugarcane cultivation into their colonies in South America and the Caribbean Islands. During the last few centuries, sugar refineries have been built and there has been a tendency towards the creation of organic cane juice that has often been referred to as "white gold". It has only been in recent times, in the United States, that there has been a revitalized interest in these more natural and organic evaporated cane juice, as a result of an increased attention to whole foods and nutrition. Organic ECJ can be used just like sugar in order to sweeten foods as well as beverages and also in cooking. As organic evaporated cane juice is thought to be more wholesome within it, it is also used as a sweetener in a good number of processed, natural and organic foods. It may also be known by a variety of other names such as dried organic cane juice, crystallized organic cane juice, and direct consumption sugar. In Europe it is known to be "unrefined sugar". Evaporated cane juice happens to be available in a various number of forms that vary not only in texture but also in flavor, though they are characteristically darker in color than white refined sugar: www.agcommoditiesinc.com, further states that though not technically considered an ECJ, raspadura (also known as rapadura) is another alternative of organic cane juice that has its origin in Latin American countries. Rapadura undergoes a processing that is rather simple than evaporated cane juice as the sugar cane is normally boiled to remove its water content.

There is no doubt about the fact that people are always willing to have sweets some way or other. But one must not reach out for the white, refined sugar, warns www.agcommoditiesinc.com. As revealed by different studies, the use of this white refined sugar is likely to enhance such debilitating conditions as adult-onset diabetes and colon cancer. Avoiding foods with white sugar may be a good idea of solving the problem arising due to adult-onset diabetes and colon cancer. But that is not enough as a good solution because in that case one has to deny his likings for sweets. There is one more option to get rid of this problem. The solution is to use certain sweeteners that are found to be more natural and less refined than the standard white table sugar crystals. One of those sweeteners is organic evaporated cane juice. The use of this evaporated cane juice has not yet been complained against for posing any negative side effects or any kind of heath problems. So, even the patients who are suffering from diabetes no more have to abstain from taking something sweet and tasty if it is made sure that the product that the consumers are taking consists of organic evaporated cane juice, states www.agcommoditiesinc.com. Organic evaporated cane juice is a spontaneous source of sweetness and, in addition to that, it can be an important part of a healthy diet. Cane juice powder is a very fine grain, baking sweetener that has got with it a slight hint of normal sweetness. Cane juice powder is prepared in a very simple way by allowing the water content to be evaporated from the organic cane juice. Even after evaporation the organic cane juice powder manages to retain a great deal of the minerals as well as other nutrient contents. Cane juice powder is used in order to add natural sweetness, bulk and structure to icings, whipped creams, frosting, candies and other confections. Cane juice powder can be used as a perfect alternative to refined powdered sugar. Cane juice powder is not always recommended because of the high sucrose level contents. Therefore, it is advisable to consume cane juice powder in not exceeding the prescribed amount. Cane juice powder is also used in preparing cookies, pastries and chocolates. Nonetheless, www.agcommoditiesinc.com also informs that the most important thing about organic evaporated cane juice is that it is an excellent source of instant energy since it consists a good amount of sucrose. Organic evaporated cane juice, being completely organic, is free from the chemicals or the growth hormones, as a result of which there is no possibility of it's posing any harm to the body of the consumer. Therefore, organic evaporated cane juice has been considered to be more reliable than the ordinary sweetener as an ingredient of multiple types of products.

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